Prosthodontics (same day dentures)

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Often times, people resort to full dentures because they are unhappy with their dental condition, they have teeth that no longer can be restored or they are wearing uncomfortable partial dentures. Some are dealing with loose fitting dentures from bone loss that irritate their gums and create painful sore spots making it nearly impossible to chew their food properly. These mal-fitting prostheses also affect their speech and social life as they don’t have the confidence to eat properly while speaking or dining with other people. Unfortunately, denture adhesives are often not strong enough to stabilize dentures either. Lower dentures are often harder to stabilize due to the anatomy of the lower jaw, while upper dentures tend to be more retentive because of the suction and the larger surface area of the palate, but covering a large area of the palate reduces the taste buds and the enjoyment of eating.

Removing terminal teeth and replacing them with a few functionally loaded implants on top and bottom arches that work as anchors for fixed dentures offers a solution to all these issues. They minimally cover the gums and allow patients to have a natural looking smile that feels and functions naturally. This technique locks all the implants together so they are held rigidly within the jawbone as it heals. Thus, any force applied that might cause a single implant to fail is distributed among several implants. This procedure can be done all in one day, however it requires quite a bit of planning.  Our surgeons, prosthodontist and experienced lab technicians will design your perfect smile using CT Scans and current technology and through careful treatment planning your one-day appointment will go smoothly.